Built for Event Managers.

Create, Publish, Share.

With our one page form and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, setting up an event page is a snap. Save it as a draft, preview it or publish it right away.

Choose a unique URL of your choice to have it online for the world to see at http://yourevent.doattend.com

DoAttend will automatically embed a map and provide integration with calendars and social networks.

Google Maps, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook



Beautiful Event Pages

Publish your customized page online and share the unique URL. Leverage the web for a ticket counter that's available worldwide, 24/7.

Attendees can register by selecting the ticket type and quantity.

If you have discount codes setup for your event, attendees can easily enter them whilst registering.

Tailor Made to Tailor Make.


Brand your event page with your own custom banner.


Design tickets with your logo and header/footer images.


Customise the information you want to collect from attendees, ticket buyers and guests.


Optimised for the iPhone and the iPad


Seen enough? Can't wait to get started?

Tickets & Discounts for Superheroes.

Create as many tickets as you wish to offer.

  • Free tickets, paid tickets, all are welcome.
  • Set your own sale periods (good for offering early–bird tickets).
  • Limit the quantity on sale or let them run wild.
  • Require slab based pricing for bulk ticket purchases? DoAttend has that covered too.

Discounts are just as powerful as tickets. Create multiple discount coupons, configure them as percentages or absolute amounts and set their validity period.



LIVE Event Coverage.

Leverage social media to drive publicity for your event.

Setup a LIVE Coverage page for your event, that streams live tweets and photos tagged on Flickr.

Collate what everyone's taking about into a single web page, that's accessible to anyone through a web browser.

Great for staying updated on all the event-related buzz.

Manage multiple events with ease.

A single profile page that lists all your upcoming and past events on DoAttend.

Real handy if you regularly host events.

Share the URL to your Profile page and let your visitors view all upcoming events on a single page. They can easily navigate to the preferred event pages and then register.



Registration tracking & upto the minute stats.

Keep tabs on all registrations to your event.

A single glance at your registrations summary gives you all the important information you need.

View all completed registrations and track who's attending your event. Export all registration information to a CSV format anytime you want.

DoAttend Events Directory

Give your event increased publicity by listing it on our Events Directory.

Visitors to the directory can view all upcoming events in their city or search for a specific type of event they're interested in.

Reach out to the thousands of other attendees searching and registering for events on doattend.


There’s more!

Personalized eTickets

Give a professional touch to your eTickets by adding your event logo to the design. Create and upload your own ticket header and footer images; great for displaying sponsor banners. You can also choose which information (venue, registrant details, etc) to display on the eTicket.

At Venue Registrations

Register your attendees at the event venue using this feature within your account. Fill in all the registration information on their behalf and print their tickets. Even if ticket sales/registrations are closed on the event page, you can still use this feature to accept those last minute registrations.

Email Attendees

Send emails to attendees who've registered for your event. Choose from any one of the categories available (such as all completed registrants, attendees who've purchased a specific ticket, etc) and send a single email to every attendee in the category. Great for communicating last minute reminders to attendees before the event.

Guest Invites

Send personal invites to those special people via email. Your guests merely need to click on an RSVP link, to confirm their attendance and an eTicket is delivered automatically. The guest count is separated from the overall registration count, so you can easily keep tabs on which of your guests have confirmed.

Registration Form Customization

Collect specific information from attendees, ticket buyers and guests. Choose from a set of predetermined fields or create your own custom fields. Move the fields easily to define the order in which they should appear on the registration form. Export this information anytime you want.

Ticket buying experience optimized for the iPhone & iPad

When we say 'a great experience for attendees', we mean a GREAT experience. Attendees can register for your events effortlessly even when they're on the move. With the new optimised pages for the iPhone and iPad, registering for events on DoAttend is just darn cool.

Badge Printing

Print badges for all your attendees to wear on the event day. Customize the size of the badge, the information to display, font sizes and colors. With an ability to choose attendees based on various conditions, you can be sure that all attendees will carry their identity on event day.

Private Events

Want to publish events to a controlled audience? What you need is a Private Event. Password protect your private events and share the password with your closed group so that they alone get to register. All the promotional features are disabled by default so your Private Event remains, you guessed right, private.

Customize Email Templates

Setup templates for the automated emails that go out to your attendees from the DoAttend system. Customize the content for the ticket email, the guest email, reminder email and more. Be sure to get the right message across to your attendees at all times.

Google Analytics Integration

Track incoming traffic to your event pages using Google Analytics. All you need to do is enter the Analytics Property ID for your event page into DoAttend and Voila!, you will start seeing the traffic numbers on your Google Analytics account. It's perfect for managing online marketing for your event!

Roles & Permissions

Got a large team managing your event? Need to have multiple people access your events on DoAttend? We have just the solution. You can invite unlimited number of people to help you manage your event at DoAttend. We even give you an extensive activity log so it becomes easy to track everyone's actions in the system.

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