No Monthly fees, no Setup fees.

Every DoAttend account can create unlimited events, receive unlimited registrations and includes all features. There are no monthly fees or setup fees. You pay only when you start selling tickets to your event.

Free for Free Events

Events with only free tickets, or events without any tickets (useful for promotion) qualify as Free Events and carry no associated fees.

Pricing F.A.Qs

What do you mean by Free Events and Paid Events?

A Free event is when you want to just setup an event page and use it for promoting your event, or when your event is free and you just want to setup a free registration and collect information about people attending your event. A Paid Event is when you're selling priced tickets for your event using DoAttend.

Do registrants require a PayPal account to pay for the event?

No. Registrants can pay using any Credit Card supported by PayPal. PayPal supports a host of cards including Mastercard, VISA, American Express and the Discover Card.

What do you mean by collecting payments offline?

DoAttend lets you activate "Offline Payments" for registrants who prefer not to pay online. Once activated, this will allow registrants to enter their details into the DoAttend registration system and make payment directly to you by sending across a check, demand draft, cash or any other method that's convenient. You as the event manager will then be able to enter reference details for the payment made and deliver their tickets from the admin end.

How often will we get billed for your services?

We will send you statements/invoices for our services once a month. If you are using PayPal, you will receive a statement/invoice and you will have to make the payment to us. If you are using the DoAttend INR processing system, we will deduct the DoAttend fees as applicable and make the remittance to you.

If we use the DoAttend INR processing system, how and when do we get paid?

You require an active Indian bank account to sell your tickets in INR. If you are using the DoAttend INR processing system, all ticket prices listed by you are considered to be inclusive of all applicable taxes. We will collect payments for registrations and make remittances to you once a month via wire transfer. Payouts are made on the 8th business day of every month, for registrations received in the preceding month.

What are the payment options supported by the DoAttend INR processing system?

DoAttend's INR processing system supports over 60 online payment options, including credit cards, debit cards and net banking facilities offered by leading banks across India. Have a look at the full list of payment options here.