Do Trainings & Class Registrations Online

If you need people to register and pay online for your class, seminar or any other kind of training, you need DoAttend

Training & Class Registrations

How can you launch your training programs on short notice and capitalize quickly on a market opportunity?

You have your expert trainer ready. You need a complete online registration solution which you can setup quickly to start selling immediately.

Here's how DoAttend can help you sell out faster

Impress with a great site

DoAttend lets you create beautiful event pages with your own branding in minutes! Impress your potential attendees with a high quality, feature-rich event page that reflects your own organization's high standards.

Collect payments online

Online payments simplify the registration process for you and your attendees. In a matter of minutes, a visiting attendee can fill up your form and pay for the course. There! One more seat in your class is filled.

Social media integration

With such a beautiful event page, a wonderful registration experience and an excellent program in the offing, attendees will be more than happy to spread the word about your event. And it's extremely easy for them to do that with in-built social media integration.

The complete solution

Learning about your program, completing registration, making payment and even promotion all on one webpage. You can convert a visiting stranger to an attendee and then a loyal promoter of your brand with just one tool - DoAttend.

Information, tickets, discounts, registrations, payment - it's all there!


Top features that benefit Training & Class Registrations

No setup required. You don't need an IT team to setup online registrations
Control the number of people signing up based on your seating capacity
Setup class registration pages in minutes with our user friendly interface
List all your programs in your own personalized organization page
Offer group discounts to encourage multiple attendees signing up together
Clone programs with a click. Perfect for launching popular programs in more cities
Stay in control by specifying terms to which attendees need to agree
Handle seat transfers and cancellations with ease through the admin interface

Still not convinced? See what our customers have to say

We switched to DoAttend after 3 years working with another online booking vendor. We wish we had made the switch sooner! DoAttend is great. It's fast and simple to use. Their customer support is very responsive and helpful. DoAttend sets the standard for online event booking!

- Pete Deemer, Founder, GoodAgile

We adopted DoAttend very early and were impressed by the service and support. Remarkable!

- Ravi Shankar, (Startup Event)

This is a great webapp, very user-friendly and accessible and the tech support is great!

- Kelly Sinko, Criminal Justice Division, State of Connecticut

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